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I have an appointment at the FRIS office. Where do I need to be?

FRIS has four locations. The head office is located in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. For an overview of all locations and our contact details, please go to the contact page.

Residential Property | How do I report a maintenance complaint or repair request? 

First check your tenants' ABC and maintenance guide to determine whether your request is for our account or for yours. Report your maintenance complaint or repair to the correct party, depending on which owner you are renting.

• Are you renting a property of a.s.r. Then call Jansen Huijbregts via: +31(0) 88 - 022 14 92
• Are you renting a property from FRIS, call Jansen Huijbregts via.: +31(0) 88 - 022 14 96

Residential Property | I want to give notice. What should I do?

You can easily terminate your lease agreement online and send the signed lease cancellation form to: vastgoedmanagement@fris.nl. The lease termination form can be found in your online “living file”. When canceling, keep the following in mind:

- You usually have a one calendar month notice period;
- You can terminate the lease contract only every first of the month;
- Put a signature on your lease agreement termination;
- If the rental contract is based on two names, a signature must be signed under both of you.