Frequently Asked Questions

I have an appointment at the FRIS offices. Where should I go?

FRIS has four branches. The head office is located in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. For an overview of all branches and our contact details, please go to the Contact page.

I rent a property through FRIS and want to report a maintenance issue or make a repair request. How do I do this?

First check your tenants’ ABC and maintenance guide to determine whether your request is for our account or yours. This responsibility is determined by law. Report your maintenance complaint or repair request to the right party. This will depend on which owner you rent from.
If you rent a house from FRIS, please call +31(0) 20 – 301 77 35

I would like to terminate the rental of my home. What should I do?

Give notice of termination by e-mail. You can terminate your tenancy by sending an email to one of our estate agents at

In your letter, clearly state the following:
– Your name and address.
– The date on which you wish the rental agreement and your occupation to end. 
– Why you are terminating the lease. 
– Your correspondence address or your new residential address. 
– The phone number where you can be reached on a daily basis.

Termination by registered letter:
You can also give notice that you are terminating your rental agreement by sending us a registered letter. Send this letter to the following address:  

FRIS Property Management 
Atlas ArenA-Gebouw America
Hoogoorddreef 15
1101 BA Amsterdam
When giving notice of termination, keep the following in mind:
– You usually have one calendar month’s notice.
– You can terminate the rent only as from the first of each month.
– Sign your letter of notice of rental termination.  
– If the rental agreement is in two names, both should sign the notice of termination letter.


I want to report a maintenance complaint or submit a repair request for my office, business or retail space. How do I do this?

If your office, business or retail space is managed by FRIS e-mail your report or request to or phone +31(0)20 – 691 30 43.

I am insured with FRIS, where do I report a claim?

Click here and report your claim via our website.

Report your claim

How do I submit a complaint about the services of FRIS?

A complaint can be reported to The full complaints procedure can be found at FRIS Legal.

I have another question!

If your question has not been answered above, please feel free to contact us.