The FRIS Code

The Real People of FRIS stand for service beyond your expectations. Every step we take is aimed at relieving our client of work and hassle. Today and tomorrow. We are down-to-earth, real people and offer all our business contacts real results based on our guidance, knowledge and expertise.


    • Proactive and agile: providing full service that relieves our clients of hassle and concerns in brokerage, management, market research, consultancy and insurance.
    • One of the top five commercial property managers in the Netherlands: the leading expert in our, specific markets.
    • Operating at the highest level of excellence via respectful customer service: focused on facilitating customers and business contacts to become FRIS ambassadors.
    • Learning faster than the competition: our basis for innovation, marketing, consulting and sustainable co-creation.
    • Using our local expertise and down-to-earth, corporate culture as a distinctive strength: in our relationships with both national and international clients.


    • Having your own place is a basic human need.
    • Respectful mediation in, and management of, living and working spaces is a socially relevant service.
    • The ability to learn faster than the competition provides sustainable competitive advantage.
    • Customer focus determines success, in all market conditions.

    The FRIS DNA

    We, the employees of FRIS, are professionals, all imbued with FRIS DNA. As a result, customers and colleagues experience the following characteristics in personal contact with us and through our services:

    • Engagement 

    • Integrity

    • Proactively engaging with your approach

    • Business knowledge

    • Service above expectations

    • Relieving you of hassles

    • Professionalism

    • Forward

    The FRIS DNA

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