Insuring my property

    FRIS - insurance specialist since 1923

    FRIS - insurance specialist since 1923

    We provide tailor-made insurance packages for all our customers. From homes and residential complexes with OAs, to large properties, Package discounts run as high as 10%. Already insured, but have some questions? We would be delighted to carry out an insurance check. Our services cover property inspection, management and immediate insurance. The most convenient and economical solution.

    FRIS home comprehensive insurance package

    Enjoy attractive discounts! Insure your home, home contents and public liability with a single insurance company. We can also insure your car, boat, caravan and provide permanent travel insurance and legal aid cover. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive, tailor-made, home insurance package.

    FRIS real estate insurance package

    We also advise on and provide solutions for complex situations. For instance about adjusting your insurance policies, or providing insurance for large properties. We work with you, assessing risk and helping determine which risks you could bear yourself, and which to insure. Having compiled a tailor-made insurance package in consultation with you, we submit it to suitable insurers for quotations. This enables an insurance portfolio that’s tailored to your needs, combining the best conditions with the lowest premiums.

    FRIS real estate insurance package
    FRIS Home Owners’ Association (OA) package

    FRIS Home Owners’ Association (OA) package

    If you’re a director of an OA you are obliged to take out liability and building insurance. This keeps your private assets out of harm’s way. Besides identifying the most cost-efficient insurance policies, we give advice on insurable risk, risk prevention, and we provide assistance with claims. Owners of homes that fall under owners’ associations are advised to take out home contents insurance, and insurance to cover the additional value resulting from improvements. We will be delighted to help.


    Tailor-made insurance

    All insurances tailored to your needs and arranged via a single party

    Best price

    Excellent conditions at a competitive price

    Package discounts

    Package discounts: the more policies you take, the more discount you get 

    Periodical premium payment

    Periodical premium payment, at no extra cost

    Broad experience

    100 years of insurance experience

    Independent insurance adviser

    Intermediaries are often thought to cost more. But in this case that is not true. As an independent insurance adviser, we work with multiple insurance companies. This means you get the insurance policy that suits you best. With us, it’s not about taking out insurance policies, it’s about building relationships.

    Independent insurance adviser

    Hein IJzer, at your service

    Reporting insured damage

    Reporting insured damage

    Report damage to your home or office complex and we’ll check your insurance cover immediately. One phone call to +31(0)20 – 301 77 44 is all we need to start helping you. There is virtually no staff turnover in our organisation, so you will almost always have contact with same person. Truly ‘personal’! And very convenient.

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