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    100 years of valuation experience

    100 years of valuation experience

    Need an investment property appraisal? We value properties throughout the Netherlands, with a focus on the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht. We provide valuations for institutional and private investors, housing associations, banks, healthcare, property developers, municipalities and companies.

    Tailor-made valuation reports

    Our valuation reports go beyond a standard report and are therefore accepted by most lenders. We conduct a complete inspection and check relevant references and permits. In doing so, we don’t just record a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. We provide notes and explanations. Another reason for our excellent reputation among financers.

    Tailor-made valuation reports

    Types of valuations

    Commercial property

    Offices, warehouses, logistics

    Investment properties

    Properties in rental condition

    Housing portfolios

    Housing complexes

    Healthcare property

    Health centres, dental practices, hospitals

    Leisure real estate

    Hospitality industry, hotels, restaurants, etc.

    Our network of valuers

    Our network of valuers

    We value individual properties as well as entire investment portfolios. For special-purpose properties such as hotels, healthcare properties and other special-purpose real estate, we work with specialist valuers in our network. In short – we can always help you with a valuation.

    Knowledge advantage in the market

    Over the years we have built up a valuable knowledge centre. This ensures that we have access to the most up-to-date market figures as well as our own research reports. This ensures reliable, professional valuations.

    Knowledge advantage in the market


    All our appraisers are members of the Nederlands Register Vastgoed Taxateurs (Dutch property valuer register – or NRVT). So we comply with its rules of conduct, professional rules and international valuation standards. We are also affiliated with the Nederlandse Coöperatieve Vereniging van Makelaars en Taxateurs in onroerende goederen NVM U.A. (Dutch association of real estate agents and appraisers – or NVM) and with Taxatie Netwerk (Dutch property valuation network). We use the fluX valuation system. In short: we comply with or exceed all requirements.

    Valuation of large commercial property

    Valuation of large commercial property

    Besides residential and commercial properties, we also do valuations for large commercial properties. These are properties worth over 5 million euros and other special-purpose properties. To this end we are accredited with a Groot Zakelijk Vastgoed (large commercial property – or GZV) endorsement.

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